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Sources of Water


„Woda” means water and „Moda” means trend in the polish language. Since 2016 at WodaModa, we are working to make water drinking trendy. We believe that drinking good quality water is as important as breathing clean air and has a huge impact on our well-being.

There are thousands of water sources around the world. None of them are the same. It is a great pleasure for us to experience them. Sense how its mineral balance and alkaline level affect its taste. Not to mention that we can try water from Fiji and Iceland without leaving our own city. It is certainly a luxury, but we believe that it is worth spending money on such pampering of the body and spirit.

Fortunately, we manage to encourage more and more people in Poland to drink excellent quality water and take care of a healthy lifestyle. This is how what we love to do has become a way of life and business.

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WodaModa is a portfolio distributor of premium bottled water in Poland with a Portfolio of more than 50 brands of Fine Bottled Water available.