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Jeanette Fili

Name Jeanette Fili

Certified Water Sommelier-Fine Water Academy - Certificate, April 2019-1004

Profession Water and wine sommelier. Founder of Minvino- water designed to harmonize with different styles of wine, consultant 
Services Consultant to the premium water category, water menus, and branding & communication
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Languages spoken Swedish and English
Location Stockholm, Sweden



I´m one of the founders and owners of MINVINO–the world’s first water designed to match different categories of wine. I created MINVINO together with Petra Ranhem and some of Sweden’s most renowned sommeliers and sensorics between 2016-2018, because we experienced that water could elevate the experience of a good glass of wine and that one type of water doesn’t match all styles of wine. Since wine and water are one of my passions, I have a Swedish Sommelier exam and WSET 3.

During my sommelier studies, I fund it weird that they never talked about water as a beverage on its own or that water has taste. I think it is strange because, as a wine sommelier, your job is to know everything about wine and other beverages, from tasting to pairing to serving. Therefore, I decided to attend the Fine waters academy, and in the beginning of 2019, I became Sweden’s first certified Water Sommeliers through Fine Waters academy. I aim to build a global business around MINVINO and educate sommeliers, and wine lovers about water and that water is so much more than just a quencher.