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AVATON Water Analysis:
Balance Still & Light
Virginality Superior
Minerality Low
Orientation Neutral
Hardness Slightly Hard
Carbonation Added
TDS 90 mg/l
ph factor 7.1
Hardness 27 mg/l
Nitrate < 0.4mg/l
Calcium 5 mg/l
Magnesium 4 mg/l
Sodium mg/l
Potassium 1 mg/l
Silica 11 mg/l
Bicarbonate 23 mg/l
Sulfate 9 mg/l
Chloride <1 mg/l

AVATON is a Member of the Fine Water Society

Source:  Artesian
Country of Origin: Greece
Region: Central Macedonia
Place: Avaton Simonopetra
Established: 2019
Company: Bright Stone LTD 
Status: Active
Web Site:
phone: +30 2315537891
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
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The springs are located at the third peninsula of Chalkidhiki, on Mount Athos, Central Macedonia, Greece. The territory is an UNESCO world heritage site. There are no buildings or any kind of modern civilization, the whole area is virgin and there are only scattered monasteries, mostly on the coastline of the mountain, while the area is inhabited exclusively by monks.

One of the monasteries, the Holy Monastery of Simonos Petras has had great legends of crystal-clear water running inside the mountain since many centuries ago. It was only until 2019 when legend turned out to be reality, revealing a perfect system of springs all over the mountainside. The complete absence of human activity was the greatest guarantee that nothing has ever interfered to the water’s circle and the academic society of hydrogeologists of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki was there to confirm the treasure kept in the isolated mountain.

The artesian springs delivers water characterized by its distinct aftertaste and low conductivity at 110μS/cm (25o C), placing AVATON directly to the world’s premium bottled water. The hydrogeological and hydrological research of the AVATON springs have been conducted by the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki of Greece in collaboration with a group of Universities and Institutes from European Union since 2018. The results of the research showed that AVATON natural mineral water originates from an artesian natural spring in an elevation of 800 meters above sea level in Mount Athos. The spring discharges from a Diorite fractured rock aquifer, the recharge of the spring is naturally obtained by snow melting and rainfall during the year and is naturally protected by a dense chestnut forest.

Mr. Dimitrios Babakos, CEO of Bright Stone LTD and inspirer of the project has always been a very frequent visitor of the Holy Monastery of Simonos Petras, showing his respect and dearness to the monks’ hard life and work. Dimitrios has very often been accommodated to the Holy Monastery’s rooms, becoming a close and respected friend for all monks. 

During one of his visits to the Holy Monastery, Dimitrios has been hosted to a different room than his usual. This room was adjacent to a rocky outcrop, steep and monumental, almost reaching for the sky. Later that night, and as a sign, he was awakened by the melodious dribble of water – a reminder that water is the omnipresent source of all Life and a moment in Time where clarity prevails.

He was immediately inspired to craft and create a superior brand; he would care for this pure water and share it with the world. In return, he would help the Holy Monastery fund and support its activities as well as other charitable causes. We called this brand AVATON – a unique and untouched water for exceptional individuals.