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Darren Meachem

Name Darren Meachem

Certified WaterCertified Water Sommelier-Fine Water Academy - Certificate, April 2022-1019

WSET Sake level 3 ( currently studying) 

Profession Chef, business consultant , Specialty Coffee importing, and small business consultant.
Services Water tasting sessions, water menus for cafes and restaurants, design and help with your water for coffee and tea
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Languages spoken English, Japanese, Portuguese
Location Brisbane, Australia



A long-time love of flavors and taste, I always love and taste almost everything, but my special focus is on how water can help your coffee, whether it be used to brew used to elevate the coffee experience by drinking it next to the beverage. Its all about sharing and learning more about water. 

I help world competition coffee professionals with water. I am excited to share more about the awareness of how water has its flavor, and how it can elevate the quality of your wellness. 

As Australia's 1st water sommelier, it's a privilege for me to help spread awareness of how fantastic water can be.