Aigua de Vilajuïga Water Analysis:
Balance Effervescent
Minerality  Very High
Vintage 30 Years
Carbonation Natural
TDS 1,630 mg/l
ph factor  
Sodium 568 mg/l
Bicarbonate 1,550 mg/l
Chloride 221 mg/l
Source: Spring
Country of Origin: Spain
Region: Alt Empordà - Catalonia
Place: Vilajuïga
Established: 1904
Status: Aigua Vilajuïga is not a member of the Fine Water Society
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In the foothills of Cap de Creus Natural Park lies is a village that has safekept its unique, rare and singular gastronomic water since 1904. One of the world’s finest naturally sparkling mineral waters: Vilajuïga. Since 1904, generation after generation, it has proudly guarded one of the most singular and valuable resources.
Among fields, mountains, and sea, Aigua de Vilajuïga bubbles up to the surface: A naturally carbonated mineral water (without added carbon dioxide), originating in the county of Alt Empordà in the heart of the Natural Park of Cap de Creus. 
The water is sourced from an aquifer located at a depth of about 72 meters, connected to the Verdera sierra. Its natural bubbles and nourishing minerals are a result of a 30-year journey that begins when the rain falls on the hills around Cap de Creus. The water permeates the subsoil, gradually absorbing minerals such as magnesium, sodium, calcium, lithium, and bicarbonates, which give life to its natural fizzy bubbles. The new Aigua de Vilajuïga is loyal to the original composition from 1904. It keeps the organoleptic composition used from over a century.
The natural carbonated bubbles in Aigua de Vilajuïga are smaller and more numerous than those found in water with added carbon dioxide (CO2). For this reason, Aigua de Vilajuïga is effervecent, with subtle bubbles that give the water its delicate mouth-feel and truly unique taste.
This unique character makes the water the ideal complement to the experience of fine dining: not only is it lightly sparkling, and therefore not filling, but it also pairs superbly with “cavas” (local sparkling Catalan wine similar to Champagne). If you wish to drink the water at room temperature, we recommend keeping it between 14 and 16 degrees Celsius, which is its natural temperature when collected. If you wish to drink it chilled, we recommend serving at a temperature between 6 and 8 degrees Celsius. 
Aigua de Vilajuïga is not only an excellent addition to the table; it is also a great ally in terms of health. In 1903, the prestigious chemist Dr. B. Oliver Rodés performed an initial analysis in which he certified the water’s mineral and medicinal benefits. This made it much sought after by pharmacies and chemists of the time. Prior to reaching the aquifer from where it is extracted, the water travels through layers of subsoil acquiring vast amounts of minerals like magne¬sium, sodium, calcium, lithium, and bicarbonates. These pure elements enrich the water with the mineral salts and trace elements that our bodies need to stay healthy and balanced.
A geologically complex, changing environment. A region shaped by the Tramuntana wind, with rocks sculpted by the rain and a landscape eroded over the course of centuries. These are the characteristic traits of the Empordà region that have inspired the design of the new bottle of Aigua de Vilajuïga.  It’s bold asymmetrical shape and the beautiful imperfection of its organic forms leave no doubt that only a truly unique water could be presented in such a singular way.
Aigües de Vilajuïga was going to close its doors after 114 years of history. New ownership ties and emotional connection to the region compelled them to do everything possible to protect the water and continue production, so that the people of Vilajuïga – and everyone who loved this unique and remarkable water – could continue to enjoy it for another 114 years, at least.