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Nico Pieterse

Name Nico Pieterse

Certified WaterCertified Water Sommelier
Fine Water Academy

Certificate 2022-1016, February 2022

Profession Owner of the first Fine Water Tasting Room in Africa, Imports, sales and distribution
Services Consultations on premium water, imports, distribution, sales
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Languages spoken English and Afrikaans
Location Franschhoek, South Africa



The Fine Water Company was founded in 2021 by Nico Pieterse, an experienced entrepreneur and WaterSommelier from Franschhoek. Nico is one of only a few Certified Water Sommeliers worldwide. This has distinct advantages in so far as the market is completely untapped, primed for launch, and coincides with the wellness revolution the world is experiencing. Water is a “hot” topic, and appreciation of water is definitely on the increase. 

The Fine Water Company Tasting Room and Nico Pieterse, a water sommelier, are in the perfect position to revolutionize the Fine Water industry in South Africa. The topic of Fine Water is thought-provoking and almost immediately perceived as taboo; the press loves it, critics discuss it, everybody needs it, and almost immediately, the need to prove that water has taste arises. It's intriguing and fresh, a Water Sommelier, and his tasting room is in the middle of the culinary capital of South Africa.