Key Concepts

Sources of Water

Fine Waters are not elitist, we often talk about fine dining restaurants in the context of food and water pairings, but water can add an experience to many different foods. This time we wanted to try something new and assembled a group of water sommeliers and ordered food for delivery from the Los Angeles neighborhood.

Simona Celante, Water Sommelier
Martin Riese, Water Sommelier
Anistacia Barber, Water Sommelier
Janet Abbott, Water Sommelier Candidate
Elena Berg, Water Sommelier
Michael Mascha, Water Sommelier
Ashley Epperson, Premium Water Distributor
Justin Taka Glascock, Water Sommelier

Below are some expert recommendations for water and delivered food experiences. In pairings, we can MATCH (m) or CONTRAST (c) the water with the food. We have indiovted the match vs. contrast below with the (c) and (m)

Sweet Smoky BBQ Chicken Wings

Simona: Mountain Falls Sparkling (m), Antipodes (c)
Justin: Birriwa (m), Aqua Carpatica Sparkling (c)
Michael: Erzincan Sparkling, (m), Splendor (c)
Ashley: La Sasse (m), Antipodes (c)



Spicy Beef with Onions and Red Peppers

Simona: Guitig (m), Aqua Carpatica Still (c)
Justin: Guitig(m), Antipodes (c)
Michael: Socosani (m), Lofoten Sparkling (c)
Ashley: Vimeiro (m), Thunderbird (c)



Orange Chicken

Simona: Bambito Sparkling(m), Waiakea (c)
Justin: Aura Natural Gold (m), Radenska(c)
Michael: Tahoe (m), Thunderbird Sparkling (c)
Ashley: Aqua Carpatica (m), Socosani (c)



Cheeseburger and Fries

Simona: Beloka (m), Vimeiro (c)
Justin: Vimeiro (m), Barneys (c)
Michael: Nevas (m),  Wossa (c)
Ashley: Three Bays (m), Wossa (c)



Classic Creamy Caesar Salad

Simona: Sole Arte (m), Clear Alaskan Glacier (c)
Justin: Veen (m), Socosani (c)
Michael: Perla Moldovei (m), Sant Aniol (c)
Ashley: Carpatina (m), Aura (c)



Salad with Avocado and Tomatoes

Simona: Tahoe (m), Three Bays Sparkling (c)
Michael: Bambito (m), Vimeiro (c)
Ashley: Sole (m), Aqua Carpartica Sparkling




Classic Sushi

Simona: Wossa (m), Hildon Effervescent (c)
Justin: Svalbardi (m), San Felipe (c)
Michael: Kuohu (m), Carpatina Sparkling (c)
Ashley: Gaisberg (m), Vichy Catalan (c)



Bagel with Lox & Schmear

Simona: Theoni (m), Crag (c)
Justin: La Sasse (m), Nevas (c)
Michael: Aura Gold Water (m), Vichy Catalan (c)
Ashley: Thenoni (m), 383 Sparkling (c)



Classic Margarita thin pizza

Simona: Beloka Water (m), Sole Arte (c)
Justin: 383 (m), Vichy Catalan (c)
Michael: Theoni (m), Theoni Sparkling (c)
Ashley: Clear Alaskan Glacial (m), Lofoten Sparkling (c)



Roasted Chicken

Simona: Sole Arte Sparkling (m), Kelzai (c)
Justin: Gaisberg (m), Three Bays (c)
Michael: Vimeiro Sparkling (m), Barneys (c)
Ashley: Barneys Sparkling (m), Sant Aniol



Chocolate Cake

Simona: Three Bays (m), Theoni (c)
Justin: Waiakea (m), Afyon (c)
Michael: Nyne (m), Afyon (c)
Ashley: Birriwa (m), Erzincan (c)