Key Concepts

Sources of Water

What we have here is a toolkit that allows us to create different experiences with water and food. There is no wrong or right, but some curiosity and experiments will enrich your epicurean delights.


Sushi / Sashimi: Super Low Minerality
Lamb / Game: Very High Minerality
Subtle Fish Dishes: Low Minerality
Pork, Veal, or Chicken: Medium Minerality
Red Wine: Medium Minerality
White Wine: Low Minerality
Sweet / Fruity Desserts: Low Minerality
Dark Chocolate Desserts: Very High Minerality
Beef: High Minerality
Bitter Vegetables: High Minerality
Soft Cheese: Medium Minerality
Hard Cheese: High Minerality
Salad: Low Minerality


Crispy Fried Food: Bold
White Wine: Still
Red Wine: Still
Sushi / Sashimi: Still
Pizza & Pasta: Classic
Subtle-textured Fish Dishes: Effervescent
Most Dishes With Medium Mouthfeel: Light


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