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Mike Sale - Water Sommelier

Name Mike Sale

Certified Water Sommelier-Fine Water Academy - Certificate,  2024-1035

Profession Product Development
Services Product/Event Consultant
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Languages spoken English
Location St. Louis, MO, USA



I have long been fascinated by water, as this unique element that has been recycled and shared by all of humanity. After participating in a virtual water tasting with Martin Riese, I began my multi year journey of exploration that ultimately led me to the sommelier certification.
I love to help others discover the same moment I experienced, shifting paradigms on what water can be, through storytelling and tasting. I thoroughly enjoy learning the full story of a water’s journey, diving into the science of its history and flavor, and sharing this with others.
I am also passionate about experimenting and building new products. I currently do much of this within the innovation team at Delta Faucet Company.