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 Haneul Kim | South Korea

Name Haneul Kim

KISAKISA (Korea International Sommelier Association 

Profession Vice-president of The Mul (since 2019), Director of KISA (since 2018), Director of KFCA (Korea Food Critics Association / since 2018), Director of Sommeliertimes (since 2016) 
Services Water Distributing (Hotel & Restaurant, Supermarket, Convenience Store), Water Consulting (New Product Plan, Water Marketing), Water Tasting Education
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Languages spoken Korean, English
Location Seoul, South Korea



Haneul Kim had interests naturally in beverages because his father was running a beverage distribution company. He studied in Food Service Management at Kyunghee University which is the top level of Hospitality management in Korea. He met Professor Dr. Jae Youn Ko, who is the big father of wine, water and tea industry, and learned about water and beverages. In 2013, Kim realized that great potential and possibility of water market in future during the vacation in Canada and France. After travelling, Kim focused on studying water. Kim started water sommelier certification from KISA and worked as a teaching assistant at the course for 2years. 

Kim Started a career in the Water Bar since 2014 at Shinsegae Department Store Gangnam where was the No.1 sales Department Store in Korea. There were more than 70 kinds of water. Kim was great seller at the Water Bar. He won Korea Best Water Sommelier Contest in 2014. Because Kim studied not only water but also wine, tea and Food, He learned wine tasting skills, Distribution system of food and wine industry and Food and beverages personnel network. After winning of contest, Kim played in a lot of TV Shows, Interviews and wrote more than 70 columns about water. Now Kim established ‘The Mul’ which is water distributing and consulting company with his partner ‘Viktor Choi’ who was the water and resource importer since 2019.