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Andrea Martin

Name Andrea Martin

Certified Water Sommelier-Fine Water Academy - Certificate, April 2019-1005

Profession Part Time Water Sommelier - Avital Tours
Services Hosting Water Tastings, Creator of Water Menus
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Languages spoken English
Location Bellevue, Washington, USA 



My name is Andrea Martin, and I am from the Pacific NW, right outside of Seattle. A mother of three daughters, I found my calling in the world of water through the discovery of water science and the book “The Fourth Phase of Water”.  This was a game changer for me, and I became a publicist to the author, Professor Pollack. I have also studied and attended conferences such as “The Physics, Chemistry, and Biology of Water” and I am an instructor of Hado, Dr. Masuro Emoto’s idea of water's molecular structure. I find water so fascinating. Is water alive? Does water have consciousness or memory? I don't know for sure, but I am trying to find out. Then I heard about something called a "Water Sommelier" and I knew this for me! 

On July 7th, 2019 - I became a very proud, certified Water Sommelier through the Fine Water Academy.   This has opened up a whole new, incredible world of bottled water. It is so important to choose a natural source bottled water vs. something here in the United States called processed bottled water which is a huge waste of water and money. I am super excited to be helping people discover the joys and the gift of natural-source bottled water, and how they are all so different.