Key Concepts

Sources of Water

Different considerations apply if water is consumed alongside wine: The water now plays a secondary role and needs to be matched with the wine, not the food. This is very important as you don't want water and wine competing with each other for attention.

If you drink wine carefully matched with your dish, only still water is appropriate — a clear distinction between the main character (wine) and the supporting cast (water) is necessary. But there is a slight difference between red and white wine. With white wine, choose water with low mineral content and a neutral pH while red wine demands water with a medium to high mineral content and a neutral pH. The water should have a slightly higher temperature than the wine to prevent taking attention away from the wine.

Minvino is a collection of curated water designed to harmonize with different styles of wine, created by Swedish wine and water sommeliers to enhance the dining experience by addressing the water and wine pairing in detail.