Key Concepts

Sources of Water

A wide variety of taste sensations in water can be matched with food. The bottled water etiquette describes vintage, temperature, food pairings, and stemware for fine water in an epicurean setting.

There is no best water, and the broad tasting profiles of fine waters allow for water menus, water pairings, and water sommeliers in restaurants.

Still and sparkling isn't a choice in a fine dining restaurant, and any restaurant offering it as a choice should be embarrassed. Hundreds of wines on the wine list and no water menu deprives guests of the experience with water in fine dining.Many people don't drink alcohol these days, and we feel like second-class citizens. Delicate stemware for wine presentations is standard and so is, unfortunately, the ugly tumbler for water. We need an upscale glass presentation for fine water that communicates a sense of purpose and adds significant enjoyment to the experience of drinking water.

Fine water has its place on the table next to wine and sometimes as the only bottle on the table. Water can hold experiences similar to wine, and like wine, it deserves attention. Food, tea, coffee, and artisanal crafted cocktails and ice also greatly benefit in taste and experience from carefully chosen fine water.