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William W Ehrgood

Name William W Ehrgood

Certified WaterCertified Water Sommelier-Fine Water Academy - Certificate, April 2022-1018

Profession Firefighter / Inspector / Intelligence Officer
Services Marketing & PR, Develop Water Menus, Fine Water Advocate
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Languages spoken English
Location Columbus Metro. Ohio, USA



His love of domestic and international travel only added to this passion. One morning, while sitting at home, Bill was watching an episode of CBS Sunday Morning when a clip featuring Martin Riese and the Fine Water Academy. Instantly, Bill knew that becoming a water sommelier was something he wanted to do.

Becoming a certified water sommelier through the Fine Water Academy was an enlightening adventure for Bill. While he had always enjoyed fine waters, he had no idea the level to which it existed throughout the world. Before this experience, Bill had tasted just a few fine water brands. Of course, he saw the stacked shelves of various waters as he walked down the grocery store aisle,

but he never really gave much thought to brands beyond the handful of waters he knew and drank. But that has now changed. Throughout the certification process, Bill tasted and drank over 65 brands of fine waters and he now makes it a point to stop, examine and try some of the great natural water products that are showing up in the store. Now that Bill has completed the water sommelier certification, his goal is to help promote the amazing fine water choices and options available and help to get some of these wonderful waters onto menus at restaurants to provide a unique epicurean experience for guests.