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SaRangHae Water Analysis:
Balance Still
Virginality Superior
Minerality Medium
Orientation Acidic
Hardness Very Hard
TDS 401 mg/l
ph factor 6.7
Hardness 231 mg/l
Nitrate .16 mg/l
Calcium 20mg/l
Magnesium 60 mg/l
Sodium 21 mg/l
Potassium 22 mg/l
Silica NA
Bicarbonate  NA
Sulfate 86 mg/l
Chloride 176 mg/l

SaRangHae is a Member of the Fine Water Society

Source: Deep Sea Water (de-salinated)
Country of Origin: South Korea
Region: Gangwon-do
Place:  Sokcho
Established: 2012
Company: Deep Sea Co., Ltd
Status: Active
Web Site:
phone: +886.2.2888-1556
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
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Deep sea water, renowned for its rich natural mineral content, boasts a mineral balance crucial for human health, with a ratio of magnesium to calcium to potassium maintained at 3:1:1. This ratio mirrors the mineral composition found in bodily fluids and amniotic fluid, facilitating rapid mineral absorption. Among various bottled water options, deep sea water stands out as the most suitable choice for human consumption due to its optimal mineral profile, offering essential nutrients vital for bodily functions.

One prominent example of deep sea water is "SaRangHae 300," sourced from depths exceeding 510 meters off the coast of Sokcho-si, Gangwon-do, Korea. This pristine water, kept at a consistently cold temperature below 1.5°C, remains devoid of microorganisms, ensuring purity. Deep sea water is considered premium bottled water due to its scarcity, with extraction possible in only a handful of countries worldwide, including the United States, Japan, Taiwan, Norway, and the Republic of Korea.

"Deep Sea Co., Ltd." emerges as a key player in the global deep ocean water industry, specializing in various markets such as domestic B2B and B2C. The company focuses on manufacturing and exporting premium products utilizing deep ocean water, spanning drinking water, cosmetics, and daily necessities. By leveraging its expertise and access to deep sea water resources, "Deep Sea Co., Ltd." leads the industry, catering to diverse consumer demands and contributing to the advancement of deep ocean water utilization globally.


Premium deep sea water "SaRangHae 300" has certificates from FDA & BWA, HALAL, World Atopy Association Certification, UAE EQM, FSSC22000. and won a gold medal at the 2017 Guangzhou International Water Sommelier Competition in China.

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