SPRING AQUA Premium Water Analysis:
Balance Still & Light
Virginality Superior
Minerality Super Low
Orientation Neutral
Hardness Soft
Carbonation Added
TDS  < 50mg/l
ph factor 6.3 - 7.0
Hardness  13 mg/l
Nitrate <1 mg/l
Calcium  4
Magnesium  1
Sodium  2
Potassium  1
Bicarbonate  18
Sulfate 3 mg/l
Chloride < 0.1 mg/l
Source: Spring
Country of Origin: Finland
Region: Central Finland
Place:  Sykäräinen
Established: 1991
Company: Finn Spring Ltd.
Status:  Not a member of the Fine Water Society
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UNESCO has studied the quality of drinking water globally and found that Finland has the best water in the world. Finland has optimal circumstances for the formation of ground water: stratums are thin and filter water well. The source which gives the main raw material for all Finn Spring's products is located in a region of ancient eskers and ground water formations that were formed by the ice age. The center of the esker formation is mainly rough gravel and is very dense. The soil around the formation is mainly moraine and peat. The spring itself flows through extremely pure sand which contains no humus, resulting in first class water.
SPRING AQUA Premium is a combination of high quality spring water, and timeless, Scandinavian bottle design. The water is sourced from a natural spring in the middle of the cleanest environment in Finland.
The quality and taste of the SPRING AQUA Premium water have received continuous international recognition. The water has been awarded with the Crystal Taste Award 2018 (Exceptional taste) for receiving the highest scores three years in a row. Furthermore, the clean and minimalistic design of SPRING AQUA Premium has received two significant international awards, German Design Award and Pentawards Gold Award.
Sustainability has always been the core of business for Finn Spring. That is why the carbon footprint of SPRING AQUA Premium is fully compensated.