Cana Royal Water Analysis:
Balance Light
Virginality Superior
Minerality Very High
Orientation Acidic
Hardness Very Hard
Carbonation Natural
TDS 1572 mg/l
ph factor 5.9
Hardness 982 mg/l
Nitrate 0.2 mg/l
Calcium 340 mg/l
Magnesium 33 mg/l
Sodium 9 mg/l
Potassium 2 mg/l
Bicarbonate 1100 mg/l
Sulfate 86 mg/l
Chloride 2mg/l

Cana Royal is a Member of the Fine Water Society

Source: Artesian
Country of Origin: Slovenia
Region: Prekmurje
Place: Serdica
Established: 2018
Company: Cana Water d.o.o.
Status: Active
Web Site:
phone: +38631401999
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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The source for Cana Royal is in the middle of the unspoiled nature of Prekmurje, within the Goričko National Park in an area of former volcanos. Cana Royal water originates from an Artesian spring, which has a consistent temperature of 13.6 degrees. The water comes from a depth of 65 m and is protected by clay geology.  The water is biologically pure and has a unique ratio of calcium (CA) and sodium (NA) for a highly mineralizes water.
“CaNa” tells the story of the rich composition of the elements. It contains a lot of calcium (Ca) and very little sodium (Na). CANA Royal Water was named after its royal history. In 1910, in the area of today's bottling plant, there was a well called "Királyi forrás" or "Source of the King".  Coincidently Cana is also a city in Israel, where the first miracle happened. Jesus changed water into wine.


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