Lauretana Water Analysis:
Balance Still & Bold
Virginality Very Good
Minerality Super Low
Orientation Acidic
Hardness Soft
Vintage 1 Year
Carbonation Added
TDS 14 mg/l
ph factor 5.75
Hardness 3.9 mg/l
Nitrate 1.4 mg/l
Calcium 1 mg/l
Magnesium 1 mg/l
Sodium 1.1 mg/l
Potassium 0.33 mg/l
Silica 5 mg/l
Bicarbonate 3.6 mg/l
Sulfate 1.4 mg/l
Chloride 0.42 mg/l
Source: Spring
Country of Origin: Italy
Region: Piedmont
Place: Graglia
Established: 1964
Status: Non-Member of the Fine Water Society
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Graglia, in the province of Biella, is encircled by the last layers of Biella Alps that slope down to the entrance of Aosta Valley. Renowned for its wholesome air and the numerous properties of its waters known since the ancient times.
The spring is located on the slopes of Mombarone at 1,050 m above sea level - and since it is a water of ice - it enjoys the greatest volumetric supply in summer and a more contained one in winter. The source and its surroundings are devoid of any settlement and risks of pollution.
The long underground course, from the glaciers to the spring, develops in the deep windings of crystal rocks, typical of Monte Rosa and the surrounding mountains. The rocky riverbed of run, of a very ancient geological formation, filters and preserves the water from possible pollution, making it microbiologically pure and in the least mineralized.
Each of the 0.75 liter clear glass bottle is etch-signed by the famous Ferrari coachmaker Pininfarina and Lauretana is the water of choice for the A.C. Milan Futbol Club.
Lauretana is Certified Kosher.