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BLVD Water Analysis:
Balance Still & Light
Minerality Low
Orientation Neutral
Hardness Slightly Hard
Carbonation  Added
TDS 86 mg/l
ph factor 7
Hardness 33 mg/l
Calcium 5 mg/l
Magnesium 5 mg/l
Sodium 7 mg/l
Potassium 1 mg/l
Bicarbonate 34 mg/l
Sulfate 2 mg/l


Source: Spring
Country of Origin: Australia
Region: Tasmania
Place: East Yolla
Established: 2015
Company: BLVD Sparkling Mineral Water
Status: Discontinued
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The main source of BLVD™ Natural Spring Water is located on the north coast of Tasmania, an island where 40% of its landmass is entirely covered by rainforest. It is recognized as an untouched source of fertile farmland of outstanding value to the southernmost continent of the world – Australia.

The water is pumped from 20 meters below the ground, where it lays upon a bed of bluestone, one of nature’s purest forms of filtration.

Tasmania is recognized for having a very special environment that is indebted to its isolation. It is naturally protected by the Great Southern Ocean, as well as the Bass Strait. Nature has graced the island with very specific planetary qualities, such as the winds of the famed Roaring Forties (latitude 40° South), which blow uninterrupted more than halfway around the globe, from the Andes to Tasmania. The result is the best and purest rainwater in the world, with extremely low levels of residue and sodium deposits.

This wonderful rain falls on the mountains and valleys of the island, which allows the Tasmanian wilderness to act as a comprehensive watershed, re-emerging from the fertility of the landscape to eventually form natural springs – the clean and pristine source of BLVD Natural Spring Water.

This project started as an initiative after the founder noticed that the majority of hospitality providers used substandard water that had been purified after it was taken from the source.
The mission of BLVD was to cut out the need for invasive purification techniques and discover natural water as a premium source. BLVD Water found this type of water in Australia, specifically on one of its most pristine islands: Tasmania.

BLVD Water is now able to provide this exclusive, high-end water to the hospitality industry all around the world, allowing their guests to experience the feel and taste of the purest water the world has to offer, as it was originally sourced.

The water is presented in customized super flint glass bottles to complement the luxurious architecture and decoration of these establishments.