Cape Grim Water Analysis:
Balance Still & Effervescent
Virginality Superior
Minerality Super Low
Orientation Neutral
Hardness Soft
Vintage Young
Carbonation Added
TDS 5 mg/l
ph factor 7.3
Hardness 12 mg/l
Nitrate 1 mg/l
Calcium 3 mg/l
Magnesium 1 mg/l
Potassium 1 mg/l
Bicarbonate 1 mg/l
Sulfate 2 mg/l
Chloride 5 mg/l
Source: Rain
Country of Origin: Australia
Region: Tasmania
Place: Cape Grim
Established: 1998
Company: The Cape Grim Water Company
Status: Discontinued
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You wouldn't want to live there, but the rain water is worth bottling. At Cape Grim it rains on average 187 days a year and it's cold. Even native animals don't like it, so there are very few of them!
The Cape Grim Water Company estate is comprised of 197 hectares of barren rock and scrub. The nearest land mass on latitude 40 degrees South is South America, 16,000 km away. The wind and rain known as the 'Roaring 40's', travel this vast distance without passing over any land mass at all. They arrive at Tasmania in a virgin state.
Apart from the Water collection facility, the only building is the CSIRO Bureau of Meteorology weather station which monitors the Antarctic winds, rain and air that flow onto Cape Grim. Stanley, a small seaside historic township of approx 2500 people is about 85 kilometers away and home to the employees of Cape Grim.