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NOW Water Analysis:
Balance Still
Virginality Very Good
Minerality Low
Orientation Hint of Sweet
Hardness Hard
Vintage 19,000 years
TDS 240 mg/l
ph factor 7.5
Hardness  108 mg/l
Nitrate 1.8 mg/l
Calcium 36 mg/l
Magnesium 7 mg/l
Sodium 24 mg/l
Potassium 8 mg/l
Silica 59 mg/l
Bicarbonate  140 mg/l
Sulfate  18 mg/l
Chloride 3 mg/l

NOW is a Member of the Fine Water Society

Source: Artesian
Country of Origin: USA
Region: Nebraska
Place: Gordon
Established: 2019
Status: Active
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phone: +1 559-307-5110
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NOW water is glacial water, originating from snow and ice deposits on receding glaciers in the Rocky Mountains over 19,000 years ago. When the Rocky Mountain glaciers receded, the water began its long journey in the underground aquifer, enriching it with naturally occurring minerals and electrolytes.

A world-renowned geologist who conducted all of the tests for NOW Water felt that the source of the water was probably a glacier in the Rocky Mountains. He then began the quest of comparing the water tests on all glaciers performed in the 1950s to NOW Water.  Andrew’s glacier is located approximately 40 miles north and west of Boulder, Colorado, and it was a perfect match, confirmation the source of the water as glacier water from Andrew’s glacier.

It also confirmed that the water at the source had never mixed with surface water. Furthermore, the rate of travel of the water extrapolated over the distance from the well to the edge of the Rocky Mountains, indicated the age of the water was over 19,000 years.

The very slow journey over Granite and quartz rocks, as well as volcanic formations and mineral-rich geology, have enriched, filtered, and protected the water, preserving it from all human-generated activities and contaminants.

The water is further protected in its pressurized artesian aquafer in between layers of clay beds. The positive pressure prevents surface water from mixing with the glacial source water.

This truly special; water is bottled at the source and is not treated or enhanced.