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FineWaters Experience Room

Introducing CellArt and FineWaters' latest collaboration - the Water Experience Room. This concept is the first wine cellar/room expansion dedicated to showcasing premium bottled water. The Water Experience Room celebrates water, creates awareness about its importance, and helps protect and cherish this vital resource.

The Water Experience Room concept aims to shift the paradigm of how we think about water. The space is designed to create an emotional connection with water, going beyond just hydration and integrating water into an epicurean experience. The Water Experience Room offers a curated water experience with food pairings, chocolates, coffee, tea, ice, spirits, and more.

The Water Experience Room's design differs entirely from the traditional wine cellar experience. The light space features stone with organic shelves, giving the space a flow and intersecting the stone with exquisite artistry. The centerpiece of the room is a vertical stone, evoking the European Neo and Paleolithic concepts of water. The stone is round with soft edges, evoking soft water, making a hard stone round over a long period.

The Water Experience Room is not only an epicurean space but also a gallery for Michael's art photography "Naiads," celebrating female spirits and nymphs presiding over fountains, wells, springs, streams, brooks, and other bodies of freshwater. The storage room is easily accessible with an elevator, and original water-themed paintings by Michael are also displayed in the dining room.

CellArt and FineWaters collaborate to establish bottled water etiquette, including stemware, temperature, pairings, water menus, and water sommeliers. The Water Experience Room is designed to provide lifestyle and status experiences for people who don't drink alcohol, going beyond the traditional wine cellar experience.

CellArt and FineWaters aim to create a new identity for water, celebrating its value, access, clean, sustainable, and environmentally friendly aspects. The Water Experience Room invites us to celebrate water, create spaces in our minds for our emotional connection with water, and establish a deeper appreciation for this vital resource.

Experience Room 


The Water Experience Room for FineWaters by CellArt is not just a place to store premium bottled water; it is a celebration of this natural resource that is often taken for granted. The room's design is a perfect marriage of form and function, evoking emotional responses and telling the stories of water's history, purity, sustainability, and importance.

At the center of the room is a stunning vertical stone piece that pays homage to the European Neo and Paleolithic concepts of water. This centerpiece is flanked by organically shaped shelves that create a sense of flow and intersect the stone with exquisite artistry. The result is a space that is both calming and awe-inspiring.

The stone is cold to the touch, which provides a tactile experience of water, and its soft edges give it the appearance of a hard stone made round over a long period by soft water. A center fountain head connects to a box-in-bag environmentally friendly water logistics system, further celebrating water and fertility.

Drawers in the room provide access to water-based chocolates that are cooled from behind, further enhancing the water-tasting experience. Some shelves are dedicated to holding water at cellar temperature, while others display waters at room temperature. The room also includes some space/drawers dedicated to wine and spirits, ensuring that guests enjoy various drinks.

Behind the wall of water is a gallery dedicated to Michael's art photography called "Naiads." These original water-themed paintings add to the room's overall ambiance and showcase the beauty of water.

The Water Experience Room for FineWaters by CellArt is not just a room but an experience. It shifts the paradigm about how we think about water, creates a perception of the value of water, and integrates water into an epicurean experience. The room is a place to celebrate water, make us aware of its importance, and help us protect and cherish this vital resource. It is the perfect addition to any home, restaurant, or establishment that values premium bottled water and wants an unforgettable experience for its guests.

Kitchen/Bar concept 


The Kitchen/bar concept for FineWaters by CellArt is a design house providing functionality and hydration to its users. The Water Experience room is an oasis for water experiences, while the Kitchen/bar area is designed to add hydration to the daily routine.

The stone used for the countertop is a unique round shape with soft edges that evoke the image of soft water. It is not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical for daily use.

In the kitchen/bar area, users can choose from two water sources. They can select premium bottled water boxes or a premium water filtration system connected to the faucet for an environmentally friendly alternative.

The coffee, tea, and hydration area, called "VIRTUE," offers a coffee maker setup and a tea station that allows users to fine-tune their drinks. Two sources of water are available to make the perfect cup of coffee or tea. The area also includes a secret drawer for chocolate ganaches and chocolates cooled to cellar temperature.

A faucet allows users to select between filtered water for cooking and pasta and premium water in an environmentally friendly size/container for fine dining and cooking experiences. The storage room holds several waters in various containers and sizes, and the house filtration system is easily accessible for maintenance.

The bar area, called "VICE," includes an ice drawer that provides access to clear ice made with premium, super-low minerality water to elevate any cocktail. Water is also crucial in opening up whiskey and other high-proof alcohol distillates, and the bar area offers suitable water for such purposes. A cooled drawer holds a small number of wines in the bar area, and a humidity-controlled drawer provides access to a selection of cigars.

Overall, the Kitchen/bar concept for FineWaters by CellArt is a well-designed space combining functionality and hydration. It is a place to experience water in all its forms, from coffee and tea to cocktails and spirits. With its unique design, the Kitchen/bar area will become a popular destination for those who appreciate good design and a good drink.

About CellArt

CellArt, Jonathan PrimeauJonathan Primeau founded in 2013, CellArt is the wine enthusiast's ultimate playground. From the design and manufacturing of dream wine spaces, extraordinary wine cellars, and tasting rooms, to the creation of unprecedented art pieces, limited-edition wine objects, and exclusive and visionary wine events, CellArt is inspired by the very best of what nature and human creativity have to offer. Driven by a passion for Wine and Art, CellArt opens up an exciting new world for the Wine enthusiast and presents a seamless narrative between the two traditions.

About FineWaters

Michael MaschaMichael Mascha, founder of FineWaters, about the collaboration, "The Fine Water Experience room is a physical manifestation of the bottled water etiquette, stemware, temperature, pairings, water menus, and water sommeliers, as well as providing lifestyle experiences for those who choose not to consume alcohol, transcending the boundaries of traditional wine cellars."