Key Concepts

Sources of Water

Probably as old as winemaking itself is the idea of a cuvée. Winemakers use different single-source wines to curate or blend a particular style of wine consistent with the creator's epicurean vision. Even so, it has fallen out of fashion recently with the advance of single malts, expertly blended whiskies can rival or exceed many single-malt offerings in taste.

We can now also have water cuvées. Nevas from Germany is probably the first water cuvée, with two mineral waters blended and carbonated, in a stunning champagne bottle with a wire-cork presentation. Minvino from Sweden, created by wine and water sommeliers, uses natural spring water and enhances the waters with certain minerals to provide an ideal pairing for wine. Four different water blends are designed to pair with wines from crisp whites to bold reds to enhance the dining experience.

I think we will see rapid growth of curated waters, and we will be struggling with the concept of what is still water and what is a soft drink. In my opinion, the line right now needs to be drawn with sodas having sugar or artificial sweeteners added while curated water has none.