Etrusca Water Analysis:
Balance Still & Light
Virginality Very Good
Minerality Low
Orientation Neutral
Hardness Soft
Carbonation Added
Temperature 45.3°F (7.4°C)
TDS 39.6 mg/l
ph factor 7
Hardness 17 mg/l
Nitrate 2.3 mg/l
Calcium 4.7 mg/l
Magnesium 0.98 mg/l
Sodium 3.8 mg/l
Potassium 0.98 mg/l
Silica 10 mg/l
Bicarbonate 16 mg/l
Sulfate 4.6 mg/l
Chloride 4 mg/l
Source: Spring
Country of Origin: Italy
Region: Liguria
Place: Calizzano
Status: Discontinued
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Italians say that at the border of the Alps and the Apennines there lies, hidden deep in a fragrant beech forest crisscrossed by sparkling brooks, one of the prettiest villages of the world, which is named Calizzano.
Etrusca gushes from a spring which is surrounded and protected by an uncontaminated forest area located in Alta Val Bormida, at 3,600 ft (1,100 m) above sea level in the territory of the Comune di Calizzano (Savona).