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Taşdelen Water Analysis:
Balance Still
Virginality Superior
Minerality  Super Low
Orientation  Neutral
Hardness  Soft
TDS  42 mg/l
ph factor 6.8
Hardness 1.1 mg/l
Nitrate 0.6 mg/l
Calcium 3 mg/l
Magnesium 1 mg/l
Sodium 5 mg/l
Potassium 0.1 mg/l
Silica 8 mg/l
Bicarbonate 14 mg/l
Sulfate 2 mg/l
Chloride 14 mg/l
Source: Spring
Country of Origin: Turkey
Region: Istanbul
Place: Taşdelen Forests
Established: 1889 (1582)
Status: Non-Member of the Fine Water Society
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Vakıf Taşdelen Natural Spring Water is a natural spring water emerging at the source from a depth of 220 meters without any drilling or pumping. The spring is located in the  800.000 square meters of protected area in the Taşdelen Forests. The water is bottled right at the source.
The Vakıf Taşdelen spring was first mentioned in 1582 by Afife Nurbanu Sultan, the wife of the Sultan Selim II, and has been a favorite of the Turkish elite since centuries. 

In the Ottoman Empire, the Surre-i Hümâyûn Regiment or Surre Regiment is the community that has brought aid and gifts from Istanbul to Mecca and Median . The Surre-i Hümâyûn Regiment was sent off with a ceremony from Istanbul and the water presented was usually Taşdelen water in large clay pottery. These pots were brought back filled with water from the holy Well of Zamzam as the Pilgrims  returned.
It is the water that Sultan II. Abdülhamid Han used and recommended is the Vakıf Taşdelen Natural Spring Water and in 1889 the privilege of bottles sold in and around Istanbul was given by the Ministry of Finance at the time of Sultan Abdülhamit Khan II.
Mustafa Kemal Atatürk also drank the Vakıf Taşdelen Natural spring water for a long time,according to two notepads belonging to Atatürk in the archives. Taşdelen Water in Atatürk's notes indicated that it was used for hydration but also as for its healing powers.