Himalayas Spring Water Analysis:
Balance Still
Virginality Superior
Minerality Soft
Orientation Neutral
Carbonation Added
Temperature 46°F (7.8°C)
TDS 16 mg/l
ph factor 6.7
Hardness 5.9 mg/l
Nitrate 0.2 mg/l
Calcium 1.2 mg/l
Magnesium 0.46 mg/l
Sodium 1 mg/l
Potassium 0.7 mg/l
Silica 4.4 mg/l
Sulfate ND
Chloride ND
Source: Spring
Country of Origin: Nepal
Region: Rasuwa District
Place: Langtang National Park
Established: 2007
Status: Not a Member of the Fine Water Society
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The origin of Himalayas Spring Water is located at the foothills of the Langtang valley, Dhunche on the way to the famous Gosaikunda Lake. The rain and snowfalls in the Majestic Langtang Himalayan Ranges in an average of 7,000 meters high where there is no pollution since the beginning of the planet turns into icy rocks and glaciers. So every drop of Himalayas Spring Water is from the rain and snow falling high in the Himalayas which turns into glaciers and slowly melts and finds it way filtering through 4,000 meters of Himalayan bedrock.

This wonder of nature was created since the beginning of time as it flows through the natural purifying filters and mineral rich rocks. This Himalaya water is insulated from any external influences by dense layer of protective clay. It flows for several years and it finally emerges in the form of springs at a height of 2700 meters to 3,000 meters in the Langtang National Park within the conservation areas strictly controlled access and therefore, free from environmental pollution.