Genesis Water Analysis:
TDS  mg/l
ph factor  
Hardness  mg/l
Nitrate  mg/l
Calcium  mg/l
Magnesium  mg/l
Sodium  mg/l
Potassium  mg/l
Silica  mg/l
Bicarbonate  mg/l
Sulfate  mg/l
Chloride  mg/l
Source: Well
Country of Origin: Paraguay
Region: Itapua
Place: Kressburgo
Established: 2016
Company: Frutika SRL
Status: In Progress
Web Site:
phone: +595 672 420 010
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The Natural Mineral Water comes from a 1,030 meters deep well and from a geology of ancient volcanic basalt. Because of the depth of the aquifer, it is protected from any outside contamination. Being a natural alkaline water it has a high PH level of about 9 and a low mineral content. The well was drilled in 2008, the bottling plant started 2015 and was finished 2016 when production started. The water is bottled at the source.
The Kress family owns the land since 1977. The well is placed in the middle of an organic citriculture and only a limited quantity of 10.000 liters per hour is extracted.