Solé Water Analysis:
Balance Still & Classic
Virginality Good
Minerality Medium
Orientation Hint of Sweet
Hardness Very Hard
Carbonation Added
TDS 412 mg/l
ph factor  
Nitrate 6.6 mg/l
Calcium 108 mg/l
Magnesium 31.1 mg/l
Sodium 2.6 mg/l
Potassium 43 mg/l
Silica 6 mg/l
Bicarbonate 439.3 mg/l
Sulfate 19.3 mg/l
Chloride 2.9 mg/l

Solé is a Member of the Fine Water Society

Source: Spring
Location:  Nuvoleno (Brescia)
Country of Origin: Italy
Region: Lombardy
Place: Nuvolento
Company: Fonte Sole
Status: Active
Web Site:
phone: +1 949 375 2946
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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Fonte Sole has been central to the community of Nuvolento, near Brescia in Lombardy, since the independent family-operated business was founded in 1906. Many legends are associated with the ancient Source, known since Roman times, and near where Benedictine monks founded a monastery. The well-balanced group of minerals in Sole is derived from a natural filtration process as the water works its way through varying geological rocks and minerals to the underground and well-protected Source.

The Source is situated at the foot of the Brescian Pre-Alps that rise to the northeast of Brescia. The water from the Source emerges at “Via Antica Fonte” in Nuvolento and corresponds to the point at which the limestone-dolomite formation meets the alluvial deposits from the valley of the river Chiese. The delicious tasting natural mineral water is celebrated in particular for its very low sodium content and for being classified as ‘oligo-minerale’ (naturally low in minerals). It is an alkaline water that is clean tasting and slightly sweet. The sparkling has a soft and gentle carbonation.

The Bodei family produce their water only in glass bottles and have a close working relationship with many of the world’s leading hotels and fine restaurants. The Sole range of bottle presentations includes

In Green Glass :
Classic – their original fluted green bottle made from recycled glass
L’Italiana – a traditional Italian bottle with a modern edgy appeal

In Clear Glass :
Deco – the classic fluted bottle in clear glass with stylish presentation
Arte – an elegant, tasteful and graceful super premium bottle

Moreover, Fonte Sole collaborates with Giorgio Armani to produce the exclusive Acqua Armani. See separate listing.  

The Solé Legend
Known since Roman times and famous for it’s health giving properties during the middle ages, the history of Solé is rich with story and folklore celebrating the famous source.
Archaeological evidence confirms a pagan sun goddess once stood at the site of the Solé source located in Lombardy, near the mountainous Alpine region of Italy. Legend describes her as wife of the weather god and mother of the four winds. Roman soldiers would stop to fill their water vessels at the source before going out to conquer new lands. The pure water source became known as Solé, named for the sun itself. 
Today in Nuvolento Italy, a family run operation continues to bottle the famous water directly from the source, ensuring that each bottle of Solé is as pure as its beginnings. Meeting the highest standards in bottled water and delighting customers worldwide, the legend of Solé continues to grow.

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Razor clams are one of my favorite seafood and with a strong flavor and interesting texture I would recommend a still water with mediaum Minerality like Sole from Italy.




Shengjianbao dumplings is one of the most dangerous dishes for westerners in Shanghai. Steaming hot soup in a fried dumpling. The only way to avoid injury is biting a small hole in the top and slurping out the soup before tackling the pork filling. A medium Minerality still water like Sole is the best way to enjoy this dish