Episode #2 | Rising Springs, USA

Michael and Martin visiting Rising Springs in Idaho, USA and talk with the founder of the brand, Nicoya Hecht.


Episode #3 | Aqui-Live, Australia

Michael and Martin visiting Aqui-Live in Australia and the founders Olaf and Dayle Lyche are talking about their source, what makes it special and all visiting the source.


Episode #4 | NEVAS, Germany

Martin and I are talking to Nicholas Steuer, founder, and creator of NEVAS WATER.


Episode #5 | Bambito, Panama

Michael and Martin talking with Jean Pierre De Roux from Bambito in Panama.


Episode #6 | Salacious Drinks

Michael and Martin talking with Ashley Epperson from Salacious Drinks, a Washington DC-based premium water portfolio distributor.


Episode #7 | Güitig

Michael and Martin talking with Claudia Alexandra Nuñez Coello from Güitig, a naturally carbonated water from Ecuador.


Episode #8: Fine Liquids

Michael and Martin talking to Pat Eckert from Fine Liquids in Germany.


Netlix Special with Zac Efron's Down to Earth

Martin Riese & Michael Mascha The waters from Netflix: Down to Earth with Zac Efron


Episode #9: Pedras and Vidago

Martin and Michael talking to geologists and water sommelier Antunes Da Silva from Pedras/Vidago brands.


Episode #10: Radius 99

Martin and Michael visiting Radius 99 in Germany.


Episode #11: Tahoe Artesian

Martin and Michael are talking with Simona Celante from Tahoe Artesian from California.


Episode #12: Aqua Amore

Martin and Michael talking with Michael Tanousis from Aqua Amore


Virtual Site Visit #13 : Aur'a Gold Water

Michael and Martin visiting Aur'a Gold Water


Episode #14 | Summit Spring

Michael and Martin visiting Summit Spring in Main/USA.


Episode #15 | MIMVINO

Michael and Martin visiting MINVINO in Sweden.


Episode #16 | Sam Wu

Michael and Martin visiting Sam Wu, Water Sommelier from Singapore.


Episode #17 | Socosani

Michael and Martin visiting Oliver Merino, Socosani.


Episode #18| Starkey

Michael and Martin visiting Starkey.