Key Concepts

Sources of Water

We expect close to 1000 bottles for the event, so please help us manage the load. Do not send more water than needed as per the request below.

Label your shipping box with the brand name of your water on at least two sides—label 1/2, and 2/2 if you have multiple boxes. Ensure the water arrives between August 1 and 15, and don't forget the custom forms and proforma invoice. Email us with the tracking number and proforma invoice.

Please make sure your shipment arrives in Los Angeles between August 1st and August 15th

We need three (3) liters of your water for the tasting and events. Three (3) liters each if you have still and sparkling. So you would send us 3x1000ml or 4x750ml or 6x500-ml or 9x330ml of water for each still and sparkling version (if applicable).

Please send us your most iconic bottle in glass as we will also use it in the Design Awards judging. If you have glass and PET please add 2 PET bottles for judging the Design Awards. The same rule applies to additional containers (aluminum…)

Please write the BRAND NAME of your water in large letters on at least two sides of the box to quickly identify your shipment. 

Expect severe abuse of the shipment and pack accordingly. Just shipping in your standard box will end in disaster. To illustrate, we have actual footage from a recent water delivery:

If possible, please ship all in one box.

If you have multiple boxes, please mark them 1/2 , 2/3., 3/3 , ..


1 Hotel West Hollywood
℅ Nancy Riese
8490 Sunset Boulevard
West Hollywood, CA 90069

Phone 310 989 8131
Email erika@finewaters


We recommend DHL, FedEx or UPS, but please ensure the package is trackable if you use another carrier.

Please create a PROFORMA invoice with PRICE, Number of BOTTLES, and the total amount of water in LITERS, and add the Proforma invoice to the shipping documents.

Check the box you are paying for any potential fees and customs duties.


Please send an email with the tracking number to Erika at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

List in detail the content of the box. How many bottles have you shipped in each category, like still, sparkling, glass or PET. 

Please add your BRAND NAME to the subject line of the email. 

Include the PROFORMA INVOICE as a PDF.