International Tasting Competition, Guangzhou 2017

Fine Water Tasting Competition
FineWaters and the Fine Water Society in collaboration with the WaterExop Guangzhou will conduct the 3rd International Fine Water Tasting Competition in Guangzhou June 16 - 17, 2017 #finewaterscompetition2017

FineWaters Summit

The 5th FineWaters Summit - after Barcelona, Vidago and Shanghai and Los Angeles - will be held in conjunction with the Water Tasting Competition in Guangzhou June 14 – 15, 2017. The strong interest in the Summit & Competition is fueled by the growth and performance of the Chinese bottled water market and the adoption of premium bottled water as a luxury category. #finewaterssummit2017

WaterExpo is the premier and largest Water Exhibition in China and the perfect venue for finding visibility and traction in the Chinese market. Brands have also the opportunity to exhibit at the show and we can support the effort with logistics and staff. Creating high impact booth displays are fairly inexpensive in China and we can integrate the band booth into our schedule. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for any exhibition booth requests or quotes. #waterexpo2017


We encourage brands to take part in both the Competition and the Summit. The registration fee of $ 975 includes the conference, group dinners, lunch, cocktail reception and participation in the tasting competition.



Time Table:

June 13     Cocktail Reception 6pm | Dinner  7-9pm                                   

June 14     Summit Conference 9am-5pm | Dinner 7-9pm                                   
June 15     Summit Conference 9am-12noon Ad Hoc and Breakout Sessions | Sightseeing

June 16     Fine Water Tasting Competition at WaterExpo

June 17     Award Ceremony ar WaterExpo

June 18     WaterExpo

Waters Qualified to Participate:

Only Natural water as defined by the Fine Water Society are eligible, no processed water or municipal water will be admitted to the tasting competition. Participating brands need to be approved by the Fine Water Society.

What is different with this competition?

This will be the first water tasting competition approved by the Fine Water Society with a set of rules and regulations that will set the standard of such competitions for the category in the future. We have seen in the past many attempts to conduct water tastings but very few have risen to a standard that represent the category of Fine Bottled Water

Categories and Rules

The tasting has as a minimum the following categories. If we have a high number of participating brands we might have 2 additional Minerality categories.


A jury of 5 international water sommeliers and experts will be announced shortly.


Still Water
   Super Low Minerality < 50mg/l
   Low Minerality < 250 mg/l
   Medium Minerality < 800 mg/l
   High Minerality > 800 mg/l

Sparkling Water
   Artificially Carbonated
   Naturally Carbonated

Bottle Design/Brand



Blind tasting at room temperature for all waters identical. Sparkling water will to be opened within 2 minutes of tasting. Dedicated premium water specific stemware.

Point system:

Minimum points 90 and maximum points 100 Judges: Fine Water Society approved 5 judges of which 3 will have professional tasting background.


One number representing the overall taste and one number representing the presentation and brand


2 case (12x 0.75l) or similar configuration is required for the tasting to arrive in Hong Kong before May 1st 2017 at a to be yet designated location. We will move the waters to Gunagzhou to make sure we have as little problems as possible with Chinese custom.


If you are a member of the Fine Water Society please use our basecamp communication system. For all others please contact Michael Mascha michael@finewaters with any questions regarding the event.

STILL waters a separated into categories according to the Minerality (TDS – Total Dissolved Solids) starting at a SUPER LOW Category (<50mg/l) usually consisting of Iceberg, rain or glacial waters. The LOW Category (< 250mg/l) holds usually the most waters from sources like springs and artesian.

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