Thursday 25th April  | 9pm - 5pm

Welcome to Future Trends
Michael Mascha | USA | FineWaters

  Water and Wine
Jeanette Fili | Sweden | Minvino

   Curated Waters - Cuvee
Nicholas Steuer | Germany | Nevas

  Water and Tea
Michael Hemling | Myanmar | Water Sommelier

  Flavored Water
Petra Ranhem | Sweden | Minvino

    New Frontiers of Water Menus
Sam Wu | Singapore | Water Sommelier


Enabling Water Menus through Portfolio Distribution 
Brett Spitalny | USA | Aqua Maestro

  Liquid Luxury - Critical Trends for Fine Water and High-End Wines
Jessica Altieri | USA| Four Seasons

Dining Guides - Water as a Gastronomic Differentiator 
Kim Lauridsen | Denmark | Fine Nordic

Fika Coffee Break

  The Fine Water Academy
Michael Mascha &  Martin Riese* | USA

  Future Trends in Premium Water
Steve Rowe | Spain | Dry Residue Consulting


Friday 26th April | 9 – 12 noon

 Aqua Amore, London
Christopher Tanousis | UK | Aqua Amore

  Ancient Wells
Rita Palandrani | UK | Archaeologist

  A close look at phenomena of Natural Carbonation
Antunes Da Silva | Portugal | Pedras

  Financing and Crowdsourcing
Jamal Qureshi | Norway | Svalbardi

  • In The News
  • History of Bottled Water
Over the past two decades, bottled water has become the fastest-growing drinks market in the world. The global market was valued at $157bn in 2013 and is expected to reach $280bn by 2020.
Water is turning into wine. The same culture that surrounds the production and consumption of wine is emerging around water. Water competitions akin to wine competitions are now held.
NY Times Science
Earth is old. The sun is old. But do you know what may be even older than both? Water.
Salt Science
Washington Post declares that unknown to many shoppers urged to buy foods that are “low sodium” and “low salt,” this longstanding warning has come under assault by scientists who say that typical American salt consumption is without risk.

History Bottled Water
Ours is the blue planet, and the hallmark of life on Earth is water. But where did this colorless, odorless liquid first come from? Recent discoveries in astrophysics suggest that water is not native to Earth.
History Bottled Water
This website appeared first in 2004 and the concept of considering water at the same level as wine and food as a natural product was still new and foreign to many.