I can tell you the exact time and place I decided that we need to have a dedicated water glass for people that do not drink wine.

It was more than fifteen years ago and I just had to stop drinking alcohol. We had a chef’s table in a leading Los Angeles restaurant and the sommelier just picked a great burgundy for us. He poured the wine into hand blown Riedel Sommelier glasses and we were about to toast. Since I was not drinking wine but water I had an ugly thick walled tumbler suited for picnic but not for an elegant table.

Then came the moment to toast and I heard the awful sound of the delicate glasses hitting my ugly thick walled tumbler. It was not pretty and it made me feel like a second class citizen on the table. At this moment I decided that I need to change not only the perception of premium bottled water but also establish a bottled water etiquette and design a proper and proud dedicated water glass.

After working for some time on the water glass project we were able to introduce a dedicated high-end water glass to the world at the FineWaters Summit & Pavilion in Shanghai 2013.

Rogaška Slatina is a small town in eastern Slovenia famous for its curative mineral water, spas, and crystal glass. Known since roman times, the first written records of the magnesium rich naturally sparkling mineral waters are from 1141 and it has been a known spa town ever since, most recently introducing ROI mineral water to the world.

Having a water source and people wanting to take the curative waters home requires bottles and in 1665 the process of creating glass bottles was established in Rogaska. Today Steklarna Rogaška (Rogaška Glassworks) is one of the leading producers of crystal stemware in the world with a unique and deep connection to mineral water.

Rogaška Glassworks immediately understood my concept of introducing a series of dedicated water glasses and within a couple of month we were able to launch the first glass in Shanghai as a partnership between FineWaters and Rogaška Glassworks.

The first glass introduced is the icon of the series and not designed for mass production or the use in hotels and restaurant. This glass is special and for the serious Water Connoisseur and a person who is not shy of communicating his/her choice of beverage.

Rogaška Glassworks and FineWaters will continue to innovate the space by introducing dedicated water glasses for still and sparkling waters as well as for the HORECA category.

Using a dedicated water glass elevates the consumption of water from pure hydration to an epicurean experience. It finally does justice to the many brands of premium bottled waters sourced with such care from all over the world. Premium waters can now be enjoyed in a premium glass and due to its lightness the “FineWaters Glass by Rogaška” will allow you to sense the weight of the water and make an emotional connection to the source of the water in an epicurean context. Cheers!

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